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February 26, 2014


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I've gotten a number of re-tweets about this post, which is really gratifying. As I noted in the Wee Tree Genealogy blog (http://owl.li/v4bqD):

There is tremendous value in the face to face interactions and the opportunity to meet with vendors and industry partners that come with professional conferences. I would never want to lose that.

And I agree that the kinds of changes I'm talking about entail risk, and that's a hard sell to conference planners, who operate on sometimes-thin margins, particularly in the information industry.

As with any systematic change, the ones who succeed are the ones willing to do some trial and error. They will find creative ways to bring in a virtual presence with meatspace, providing opportunities for meaningful conversations with speakers and vendors, and who bring in really good speakers (and dropping the speakers who don't engage their audience).

I encourage all of you to engage your organizations' event planners to read through this discussion to see what their (potential) attendees value.

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