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February 07, 2013


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This is troubling to me from another perspective. There is kinetic memory that goes along with things that you write, not on the PC/tablet or smart phone, but in your own handwriting. That's one reason I take all notes in my handwriting at meetings and when I conduct phone research. I have my own shorthand and create a mindmap so easily that helps me remember. Typing just doesn't help me retain or think how stuff ties together as I am hearing it as my own illegible scribble does.

Adrienne DeVine

Good point Ellen Naylor!

Karen Bleier

And there is sound research (which I'm not going to hunt up at the moment - bad librarian that I am!) indicating that the process of learning to write by hand triggers brain development in previously unexpected ways. Does being a digital native have to mean learning nothing else? (Full disclosure: Montessori schools still teach handwriting, and my child writes beautifully for her age - better than me sometimes.)

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