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September 03, 2011


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Erica Turner

Oh No!! I can't believe it!! - Yes I'm one of the many Google Desktop users who have been saved many, many, many times with this nifty tool. Our organisation will eventually move to a cloud based system but what to do in the meantime?!


The old Ask Jeeves Desktop Search was even better than Google's but I think people were very slow to discover and adopt these. If Ask.com came back with desktop search ( or anyone else with a decent UI) I would even consider paying for it.

T. R. Halvorson

I'm about to give DocFetcher a try. I'm drawn to it first because it uses Lucene. It does not do everything Google Desktop did; but then, for me, GD was over-featured anyway, so this one might be enough for me. You can check it out at http://docfetcher.sourceforge.net/en/index.html


I didn't discover the the plug was pulled until yesterday when I used Chrome to search and it came back with an error message with my IP address. Now what.

Mary Ellen Bates

I have Copernic Desktop Search indexing my hard drive as I type...

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