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February 17, 2011


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I agree with Connie Clem - we often aren't aware that what comes naturally to us and what we think of as a "no-brainer" is something others may wish they could do - and are prepared to pay (significant amounts) for. For the self-employed, building confidence and clients to a tipping point of credibility is like an upward spiral, once you can get a little bit of traction with that first contract. I'm only beginning see some traction in my business promotions since I've had some visible successes. Getting my first client built my confidence enormously. Being able to point to a successfully completed project built prospective clients' confidence, which makes them more likely to look seriously at my business offer, which is likely to make me more confident in my offer, which may make me pitch better, and get more clients, which increases prospects' confidence. Before I know it, perhaps I'll discover I'm not an imposter after all!

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