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April 15, 2010


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Eric Mulford

I really like this explanation of how to achieve "value-added". From a consumer stand point the term "value added" means nothing. It does not give great value to the product itself. The baseline value of the product will have to stand on its own.

This definition of what adds value is really a consumer driven thing. Doing what is best for the consumer is really either what you do (as defined above) or it isn't.

All things being equal, baseline value of the product, consumers will purchase from a sales rep who really cares about their needs and not just throwing in some "extra" things to make the sale.

I have tried for years to get sales reps to understand that the value they "add" comes from them. It isn't something that the company provides to help them make up for their lack of understanding of the consumer and his/her needs.

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