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April 20, 2010


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Gary Atwood

I wonder if we could call it something else as well. I'm thinking "opportunity" - as in, admit to it and use it as a way to connect to your audience since most of them probably understand exactly how nervous you are standing in front of them. I suppose that's just being creative, but I've seen a few people do this quite well and it really helped them establish a connection with the audience. It seemed to make the rest of their talk go easier.

Still, it IS important to remember that we have choice in this. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

Mary Ellen Bates

I like "opportunity" too!

My one thought on using it to connect with the audience, though, is that you make your nervousness more real when you speak it out loud.

In fact, sometimes I'll say "Wow, I'm really excited to be here" and that amounts to naming that nervousness "excited" instead.


A helpful tip I heard once about public speaking was that, as the presenter, you should love your audience. Calling your adrenaline Creativity instead of Fear goes with having a caring attitude toward the people you're teaching with your presentation. It certainly helped me recently! Of course, I'm a librarian and my audience were all librarians, so it wasn't very hard for me to love my audience.

Lee Ann Benkert

Thanks for this great reminder of how powerful our perception is. I often liken public speaking to the first downward rush on a roller coaster. It's a little scary and totally uncontrollable, until you remember how fun it is. Once you own it, it's yours again!

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