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August 25, 2008


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Marcy Phelps

This is a great list, Mary Ellen. I'm currently working on a presentation for the Business Marketing Association called "Mining Web 2.0 for Market Research," so this will come in handy. Thanks much.

Busby SEO Challenge

interesting post.this is a great blog...love it.. thanks

Karen Estrada

I really like your web site and blog; I've learned quite a few things (loved the "Day in the Life" article re: dogs barking... we have one who barks at the mailman!).

Back on point, a few Web 2.0 tools in Medicine (medical pros would already know these, so these are basic/target for non-medical/medicine information professionals):

All the resources you have mentioned have medical/research info. (YouTube, Flickr, ...).

A few others off the top of my head: EBM Wiki, Clinical Cases & Images Blog (*really good!), MedWorm (Medicine RSS), WikiSurgery.com, Biowizard (*the 'basic' version is free but the more comprehensive version is $ ... but its a great resource especially for conference proceedings), PubMed Interact, HealthMap.org

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