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June 17, 2008


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Kathy J

Sorry to hear about the break-in. Often it's not the stuff they take, but the fact that some unknown person got into your house, which makes it nasty. Hope your rates don't really go up.

Mary Ellen Bates

I was surprised to find that I don't feel all the creeped out at the fact that a stranger was rifling through my jewelry and tool box.

And of COURSE my rates will rise; I am now no longer "claim free", which means that I get to pay more for the privilege of, you know, taking advantage of what I've paid into for, oh, about 35 years...


That stinks about the theft. Our house was broken into about a year ago (thief kicked down the front door; left a footprint). It takes about three months to stop sleeping with a baseball bat next to the bed, but eventually all returns to normal. We enabled our alarm system, though!

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