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May 20, 2008


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walt crawford

I have to admit that, when TxLA did that--that is, preferring that you post handouts online, either on your own website or theirs--my assumption was that most people will NOT print them out, but will glance at them, decide they don't need them, and go on.

I certainly don't believe the number of printed copies will equal the number TxLA would need to have made.

In this case, paper-oriented though I may be, I think SLA's doing the right thing.

Lassana Magassa

I agree, not printing copies was the right thing. However, an alternate option should be provided. At a recent meeting I suggested that agendas be displayed using a projector. Although I thought it was a great idea, it seems to have been ignored.


How about a completely paper-free method, such as the ability to download the conference program to a Blackberry calendar?

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