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May 28, 2008


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~Kathy Dempsey

I hear you, Mary Ellen. This practice is so pervasive that it has its own word now--Greenwashing (as I noted on my blog: http://themwordblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/earth-day-spin.html on Earth Day).
Disgusting, isn't it?!?


Excellent rant, mebs!

Libray Betty

I know I'm late for a comment, but I had to chime in.

I hear your concerns about the non-glass glasses -- it's not the best. On the other hand, there have been numerous media reports & investigations showing that hotel maids either don't clean the glasses or, worse, use the sponge that was used to clean everything else in the bathroom.

I guess using glass would be the green option. But it may also leave you a bit green too, depending on what is living in those tumblers.

Becky Anderson

Great post-- this is exactly what I was thinking last time I stayed in a hotel (except there's more depth and thought to your version). The "reuse your towels" thing just came across as sneaky to me. How often, again, do hotel bedspreads get washed? All that energy savings relieves my guilt for insisting on a clean towel every day.

The one that really gets me is the school cafeterias. Teachers do a good job teaching the kids about the environment, and it's a subject kids really care about. But every kid who buys lunch gets a disposable foam tray. It creates such a huge amount of waste. When I was a kid in this same county, we had plastic lunch trays. How hard is it to wash lunch trays? Isn't it a little silly to get the kids all worked up about Earth Day and recycling while teaching them to expect a 100%-throwaway lunch? Craziness.


Hey, I need to write an essay about fake "green" hotels and I would very much love to get the links to the weblogs you used, but I cannot find it in your blog.
Maybe you can help me with that?
Thanks and regards from Germany

Mary Ellen Bates

Monica, I'm not sure what links you're referring to. The one embedded link is to the specific Marriott hotel I was staying at. The rest of my rant was based on my own observations, what was currently being reported in the press, and what is available on the usual reference sites such as Wikipedia.

And as noted by Kathy Dempsey's comment, there's a word for this practice - greenwashing. You might want to search with that phrase too.


Ah, sorry, just noticed that I got it wrong ;) My fault. Yep, already looked for articles about greenwashing. Thanks!

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