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December 05, 2007


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Anne Caputo

Ohmygod.....glad you are ok ! Hope we can get you around in DC without undue stress on your ankle.

Andrew -Rogers

Are you going to sue the venue and the organiser and the step manufacturers? That's the other difference between the US and the UK of course. :-)

Hope you are on the mend.

Thanks for the presentation. Very useful.

Mary Ellen Bates

I know that suing would be the American thing to do, but that wouldn't help heal my foot. I'm afraid I'm just not litigious enough. :-)


I'm just now catching up on my blog subs. Ow ow ow! I hope your foot is totally better at this point, mebs.

Point well-taken about the weirdness of health care linked to employment in this country. My coverage is courtesy of my retiree spouse's former employer and, considering that company's shaky state, I'm not exactly confident...


Ellen --

I hope the ankle is on the mend now.

Just a quick quibble. Healthcare isn't free anywhere. With a 50% tax rate for many citizens, it's pretty darn expensive in the UK. It is also pretty expensive when the bureaucrats are the ones who debate if your mum is really chemo-worthy at 63 and all....
Glad I live where I can decide on coverage and get treated when I decide I need it.

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