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March 17, 2007


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Christina Pikas

Did it try to rank everything in the database? I tell you, this pricing thing has me so scared that I hop on and hop off really quickly and only when I have to. I also don't use a lot of the features I should for this reason... That can't be good for them.


For some reason, and I'm honestly not sure why, about 6 weeks ago I changed my profile on Dialog to prompt me about charges before it went ahead and did whatever it was I "commanded" it to do. This would have caught that $17,000 charge. It's annoying to be asked if I want to spend a couple of dollars for full text articel, but now I see that it's a minor annoyance "ranked" against your experience!

Amelia Kassel

Following up on Marydee's comment, I have a list of Dialog cost management techniques I recommend and one involves the set notice command. You can place it in your Profile and how to create or edit a profile is at http://support.dialog.com/searchaids/dialog/profileqrc.shtml. Or, you can use set notice at each logon by typing:

? set notice 100 (or whatever amount you wish not to exceed)

This command warns you if you issue a type command that costs above the amount beyond which you don't want to spend. The computer will prompt you before it types out results that will cost more than $100 (in this instance.) You can set notice to any amount.

mary ellen bates

Unfortunately, the "notice" option does NOT work for RANK or DialUnits. It only notifies you of PRINT or REPORT costs. I already have my account set to notice 0

So using SET NOTICE as a safety net is not sufficient.


I'm perversely gleeful (now that I know you're getting your refund, of course) that this sort of thing is STILL happening. Aargh!!! WHEN will they Get It?


I still teach Dialog in (advanced) reference in library school -- mainly for the expert searching options. I explain a little about Dialog's pricing -- and I'll be sure to include this tidbit next time the topic comes up.


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